How to analyze a painting

We can ask several different kinds of questions about every art work, some very factual in orientation, some very general. We can say: “I like–or don’t like this,” “This is good,” or “This is interesting or important.”

  • Who–artist, patronage
  • What–subject, medium, size, condition
  • Where–location (museum, city)
  • When–date
  • Why–purpose, patronage, “meaning,” interpretation

Ali Nedaei

Ali Nedaei is an Iranian painter. He was born in Abadan-Iran. Nedaei began his career in painting in 1983, when he entered at Art University and got his MA from the faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran. He has taken part in several group and solo exhibitions. He lives in Tehran and teaches in some of Iranian Art University as: Tehran Art University – Al-Zahra – Azad Islamic University