Figure Drawing

A figure drawing refer to a work of visual art in any of the drawing media such as pencil, ink or charcoal with the subject of the human figure, whether clothed or unclothed and also the act or art of depicting the human figure.

Human Figure

The human figure has been one of the important subjects of drawing, and has been reinterpreted by artists in various styles throughout history. Focusing on the human form allows the artist’s eye to become familiar with what is human.

The human figure is the most exquisite and most popular of all drawing subjects. Art forms of every kind have tried to capture humanity in different ways.

Realistic Figure

Realistic figure drawing attempts to capture human beings in a manner that is as close to reality as possible. Sometimes in figure drawing, the artist exaggerates human proportions. A portrait drawing is also a figure drawing that focuses on the creation of a likeness of a particular individual. For many figure artists, anatomy is very important but for some artists isn’t. In fact some painters try to show emotion and mood in their figure drawings.