Davood Emdadian

Davood Emdadian (1944 Tabriz – 2005 Paris)

He was born in 1944 in Tabriz, Iran. In 1975, he got his BA and went to Paris to continue his studies and education. Emdadian got his degree from Sorbonne in Visual Arts. He received more than tens international prizes. His paintings are mostly in large pieces, in oil on canvas and influenced by the mid-19 century spirit of the realism school. But the nature of his works, especially in his “Tree” collections was special, unique and symbolic. His trees in fact symbolize his admiration of nature and life, glorify the power and perfection of life and supernatural powers, manifesting tranquillity, and stillness. Sometimes his trees were mystic and grotesque. Maybe his works in the first glance resembled realist painters such as Corot, Courbet and the Barbizon school, but the magnitude and glory of the green in his trees sometimes covered 4/5th of the canvas.