Ali Golbaz

Ali Golbaz, born in 1974, Iran: My interest in Visual Arts commenced from my childhood. My father is a calligraphist and, doing his Nasta’liq calligraphy assignments, I was caressing and refreshing my soul meanwhile. I had had many experiences in painting with various techniques till I found my lost treasure in watercolor painting. Naturally, due to my narration, is out of time and place dimensions. The humans in my paintings do not belong to any time or place. They are people made out of my mind and thought. They are not men or women, nor child or old. They are never born nor do they die. They live in a city belonging to no one. My mountains and trees are void of light, volume and perspective. Like my cities and humans, it seems they have no sun and place; no volume and dimension. They have not been ever-existing nor will they be everlasting: A world crystallized inside my soul. I believe an artist illustrates the nature according to his/her own sentience and conception i.e. creating a space not analogous to what is beheld by normal eyes. The existing universe should be perceived by insight and intuition then illustrated and conceptualized due to every one’s faculties.

Watercolor paintings